Official BCB Fantasy Baseball Sign-up/Primer

I'll make this preliminary post short and sweet.


Anyone and everyone is welcome to join the Official BCB Fantasy Association. To enter, please send an email to me at If you wanted to put something like BCB Fantasy Baseball in the subject line, that would be lovely. I also want three paragraphs stating your interest and why you think you would be a good fit to join BCB fantasy baseball. Or whatever you want to say in however many words you want. Even if that amount of words is 0. I don't care. Just send me an email. I'll then reply to confirm I got it. Cool? Cool.



Ok, here's what I'm thinking this year. I feel like standard 5x5 roto is boring and ends up losing people over the course of the year. I like H2H better. In particular, I like H2H Each Category. I did a league like that last year, and it definitely held my interest a lot better. So I think that's a good choice to go with. Standard 5x5 categories. I'm willing to add another category(s) to both pitching and hitting if there are good choices.

Positions will be fairly standard. C-1B-2B-3B-SS-CI-MI-OF-OF-OF-UTIL-UTIL-BENCH-BENCH-BENCH-BENCH-BENCH, 4x SP, 3x RP, 2x P.



Relegation League Thing

We'll sort that out when we know who is participating. I need to know who is returning, etc. To decide who moves up and down between the leagues, whether we need a rookie league, etc.

A Note From

Fellow SBNation site has had some great coverage on fantasy baseball, lately. Here's a clipping from an e-mail they sent us:

We are in the middle of publishing our updated position rankings, but you can find links to all of our rankings in this link below:
Here is a link to our H2H Point league position rankings:
Here is a link to our AL-only/NL-only league rankings:
And here are links to Marc's tiered position rankings:

If you're looking for some help on drafting your team, be sure to check in at their site. Definitely a great place for fantasy sports.


That's what the comment section is for.

What was that email I needed so I can state my interest in playing BCB Fantasy Baseball?