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Today In Brewer History: Happy Anniversary, Devon White

Sometimes a new venue can help a struggling player turn things around. "Change of scenery" trades happen relatively frequently around baseball, and on this day in 2001 the Brewers and Dodgers pulled one off that worked out well for both sides: The Brewers sent Marquis Grissom (and minor league pitcher Ruddy Lugo) to the Dodgers for outfielder Devon White.

Grissom had come to Milwaukee three years earlier in a trade with the Indians and was immediately saddled with high expectations, but had three dreadful seasons with the Brewers. He was a career .279/.330/.413 hitter when he came to Milwaukee but managed just a .260/.304/.383 line during his time with the Crew. He continued to struggle in his first season with the Dodgers but turned it around in 2002 and ended up playing in the majors through the 2005 season.

White, meanwhile, was a seven time Gold Glover and three time All Star but had been limited to just 47 games in 2000 with the Dodgers, his 16th major league season. He was 38 years old but still managed to play in 126 games and hit .277/.343/.459 for the Brewers in 2001. His .802 OPS that season was the highest of his major league career. He retired following the season.

With help from the B-Ref Play Index, happy birthday today to 1991 Brewer Matias Carrillo. He turns 49.