The BCB Fantasy Baseball League Name Post

This happens every year. We get together and put together a competitive, fun, amazing fantasy league. But to you really want to be taking on Team Mumper or the Vancouver Smelt every week? Heck no, though I like The Smelt as a fantasy team name. You want to take on a guy that threatens your delicate sensibilities with his team name that makes you want to beat him more. So it's time to start the Name Game. I won't give approval this year because I have 2 kids and barely have time to manage my team. But I can give you my thought process. Here are my rules:

- MAKE IT FUNNY. If you don't make yourself laugh, how are others going to laugh at it. This is the rare instance where puns are good and funny.

- MAKE PEOPLE THINK. The cleverer, the better

- MAKE IT TITILLATING. If you can just run the border of offensive, it's phenomenal.

- MAKE IT RELEVANT or MAKE IT NOSTALGIC. referring to a scandal that happened more than 3 years ago is not going to cut it. It either has to be less than 3 in your reference (Larussa's dui still good, Show me the money, not so much) or have it refer to something kitschy from childhood (a good rule of thumb here is to insert a rhyming players name into an 80s or early 90s song or band, quotes from Major League and the Naked Gun baseball scenes are also good)

-MAKE IT FIT. ESPN allows 30 characters, broken down into 2x 15 letter segments. Yahoo only allows 20 characters. If it doesn't fit, you ain't got sh*t.

So, without further ado, here are some I came up with:

Manny's OBGYN

The Larget Slaggers (see sign up thread)

Actually Doug, I know her well (this is my BCB team name, and if you get it, you and I are friends)

Braun Mexico

HAPPY BRAUNNUKAH (this is referring to February 23rd, 2012, which is henceforth known as Braunnukah)

Total Eclipse of the Hart

Idling Larussas

Theo and Jed's Bogus Journey

The Wade Guide to Org Killing

Elijah Dukes Speed Eating Contest (doesn't fit, but it's just really funny to me)

Feel free to add your own below in the comments, and the helpful name police will help you along your way to the excellent fantasy team name.