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Braun's Press Conference

Ok folks, here's the quick and dirty not-directly quoted transcript that I typed up while it was happening. Hopefully we'll get video or a full transcript that I can post or I'll go back and type it word for word.

Thanks everyone involved. Rep from players assoc. Mark Attanasion. Teammates. Family and Friends. Players around league. Atheletes in other sports.

Especially thank the fans. Those who supported and those who withheld judgement.

Biggest challenge he's ever faced in his life. Done publicly. Looked at it as an opportunity. Handle with honor, integrity, class, professionalism.

If he'd done it, he's the first one to say "he'd done it" I truly believe in my heart and I would bet my life this substance never entered my body at any point.

Put the best interest of the game in front of his own best interest.

Wanted to attack folks as he's been attacked. Name been dragged through the mud.

Believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Don't question life. Everything thrown at you is for a reason. Doesn't know what reason it, but he doesn't question it.

Today not just about him, one player, it's about all players.

He's maintained the confidentiality of the process. Never had a disease or STD. Calls out "those who made the original report" and says it shouldn't be about a PR stunt.

Continues to take high road. He won because truth is on his side.

Victim of a process that completely broke down and failed.

Players are held to 100% standard and everyone else should be to.

100% guilty til proven innocent

His livelihood, his integrity, his character called into question.

Wants to make sure this never happens before.

System and way it applies to him is fatally flawed.

Oct 1 test. Made aware on Oct. 19. Talked to players association. Said had done nothing to get this positive result. Be happy to take any and every test to prove he did not do this.

The entire process has been frustrating.

Brings up that it's 3x higher than any number ever in the history of drug testing. Says that raised a red flag for him.

Milwaukee records weight and speed times a few times a week. Could prove nothing had changed.

Says he didn't work out differently .

Player's association said we believe you - in fact the other side believes you. None of this makes any sense. Burden of proof on his side.

The son of the collector was around. Sample at 430. Several other players samples that day. Collector left field at 5 pm. Multiple Fed Ex's still open at that point. 18 between MP and his house. Fed Ex handles - temperature control. Become a number.

Confidentiality of the process is extremely important.

Didn't go to FedEx into 1:30 the day he turned it in, instead of 7:30 am when they opened. 44 hours when the sample was unaccounted for.

Gives example and says what happens if you went to have a physical and its determined you have a terminal disease and it doesn't make any sense. You check the process and find out the doctor took your sample home. You'd never see that doctor again.

Once in Montreal, urine sample treated like nuclear weapon. Every step documented, from who touches it to the model of refrigerator. Makes the way it was handled before it got there more glaringly wrong.

Spoke to bio-chemists and asked how easy it would be to tamper with the sample and they said, if motivated, it would be very easy.

Throws it to questions:

New York Times: How do you explain such a high reading? I didn't take anything but I have no idea.

ESPN: What's your reaction to MLB's reaction? I respect their opinion. Think it's said and disappointing this has become a PR battle.

M J-S: Fans have been supportive, how important is that to you? Very important. Most challenging part of my life. Very appreciative

WISN Milw: Who was collector? Was he employed by the team? Can't answer that due to possible litigation.

Mic problems, didn't hear question. - Truly believed I was going to win. Knew I was innocent.

Because it was supposed to be confidential, what are you doing to explore the leak? Will this person be found and punished? Can't answer because of possible litigation

Arizona Republic: You spoke to chemists.... I've lived this nightmare every day for the last four months. It was missing for a prolonged period of time.

Adam MCCalvy - detail of when you found out about successful appeal. How long do you think this will follow you? I know this will follow me. I found out yesterday. It was recent. - On one hand, you beat the charge and vindicated, on the other, with MLB's reaction - can you get your squeaky clean image back? I hope so. Players held to a standard 100%. MLB has agreed with process and porgram in place .

ESPN - Refer to this as a nightmare. Shed some insight for people. What it's like as a public professional athlete - what it's been like the last couple months? I've always taken pride in my image. Being a role model. Doing things the right way. When you know you know you're innocent. Everywhere I went people wanted to know what was going on. Not going to go away overnight. Want to enjoy baseball again

WITI Milwaukee - Were you robbed of chance to enjoy MVP? Were you robbed of baseball workouts? I've been motivated. Lots of haters. To say I'm motivated is a significant understatement

WISN MIlwaukee - Were you robbed? What does it mean to have teammates? Learn who your friends are. Can't ever get that time back. Should have been the most incredibly time of my life. Should have been able to enjoy offseason and I didn.t

USA Today - Is drug testing program flawed? The way it was applied to me was absolutely fatally flawed. Frustrated by process that's unjust and unfair. Whether that changes process,

ESPN - You'll be here for first 50 games. Loss of Prince. What does that do for Brewers chances? I'd like to think having me in the lineup helps this team.

NY TIMES - mic problems - but asking about tampering with sample. I don't know what happened to it. Things we've learned that were concerning to us.

Witrado Sporting News - Do you care that folks are saying technicality? Sad and disappointing. Everyone's agreed to this system and the system decided I was innocent. Respect where they're coming from but respectfully disagree.

Lance Allen - Did you ever think why me? Puts life in perspective. Recognize that everything could be taken from me in one moment. Everything called into question. Made me reflect on my life. Appreciate how fortunate I am.

Why did you feel you needed to address fans face to face? Was it emotional? It was very emotional. Support of teammates so important. Can't thank them enough.

Simple truth is I'm innocent. Maintained innocence from day one.


Can't remember which question that answer was to, but he pointed out that he knows what it's like to be falsely accused, so he's not going to call out the collector and falsely accuse that person.