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Saturday Crowd-Sourced Mug

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Since there's been a lot that happened since yesterday's Mug - including the press conference and the spate of articles and columns that followed, And since yesterday's Mug is at almost 500 comments, I thought we should give you a new place to discuss the biggest story of our offseason.

I'll start you out with what I think are two must-read articles looking at the science involved in Braun's argument.

The first one will cost you 99 cents at Amazon, but the money goes to the Jimmy Fund and the information contained within is well worth your time and money.

Will Carroll (@injuryexpert on Twitter) has been saying for the past two days that science can explain what happened with Braun's sample and that Braun's team repeatedly showed exactly how Braun's single test showed positive. Download it here.

After you read that, read Chad Moriyama's follow-up piece on Carroll's article.

Share thoughts, other links and celebrations below.