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Monday's Frosty Mug

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Wake up, Rickie Weeks! It's Photo Day!
Wake up, Rickie Weeks! It's Photo Day!

Some things to read while turning left for the first time.

Before I get started this morning, I wanted to take a minute to thank Nicole for giving up a night's sleep and doing a phenomenal job covering the biggest Brewer news day of the offseason while I was out of town on Friday. If you somehow missed the post, go back and check it out for very thorough coverage of the aftermath of Ryan Braun's appeal victory.

With that said, we're 39 days away from Opening Day and this morning Ryan Braun remains our top story. Here's a look at some of the things said about him this weekend:

With all of that said, Braun is getting back to baseball in Brewer camp and it's time for the rest of us to do the same. All Brewers were present and accounted for in Saturday's first full squad workout, including late arrival Francisco Rodriguez. The Brewers have also been joined in camp by special instructors Geoff Jenkins and Robin Yount.

Mark Attanasio is also back to business, and he told reporters contract extensions for Doug Melvin and Ron Roenicke are on his agenda for this spring. Melvin's contract was scheduled to run out following the season, while the team held a club option on Roenicke for 2013.

The aftermath from the Braun fiasco has drawn some attention away from Mat Gamel, who continues to have the most important spring of his life. The Baseball Historian listed him among their candidates for breakout seasons in 2012.

Meanwhile, Taylor Green is also having an interesting spring: He has a locker between Ryan Braun and Norichika Aoki in the Brewer clubhouse, so there won't be too many quiet moments for him.

Speaking of Aoki, Ron Roenicke told reporters there's still room to fit him into the lineup despite the fact that Ryan Braun is back. Aoki, who Todd Rosiak briefly scouted, has already acquired the nickname "ninja," although Roenicke is hoping the team comes up with something better.

Rickie Weeks has been largely absent from the spotlight in the early going this spring, but remains a key part of the Brewers' hopes for contention in 2012. Adam McCalvy has a profile of him today.

When Zack Greinke's playing career is over he may have a future as a talent evaluator: He apparently scouted video of several top pitchers before the draft last year and accompanied Craig Counsell to watch Arizona State pitcher Brady Rodgers on Friday.

The Brewer Nation's "Brewers By the (Jersey) Numbers" series continued over the weekend with profiles of Randy Wolf, Marco Estrada and Jose Veras.

If you were anywhere near Twitter you probably know that the Academy Awards were given out last night. Adam McCalvy has a post on John Axford, who correctly predicted 11 of the 15 winners and maintains filmmaking aspirations of his own.

One can only assume Axford would have been #11 on Big League Stew's list of the ten best things about being a Brewer fan. It's hard to argue with any of the things that made the cut.

Nicole mentioned the Brewers' 2012 TV broadcast schedule on Friday, but until I saw this FanShot I didn't realize what was missing: The Brewers will play 150 games on FS Wisconsin this season and six more on Fox, but won't be on WMLW at all for the first time in several years. The timing on this is somewhat unfortunate as WMLW just added HD this offseason, but it's good news for many fans living away from Milwaukee who won't have to worry about finding a way to watch the games FS Wisconsin isn't carrying.

As you might have guessed based on the picture on your right, yesterday was photo day in Brewer camp. John Steinmiller reports that the team set a new record by getting all the shots done in one hour and 21 minutes.

In the minors:

Single game tickets for the 2012 regular season went on sale over the weekend, and the team nearly set a record by selling 101,000 of them on the first day. Two Saturday games (April 21 and May 12) and Opening Day have already sold out.

For some of you this is probably great news, and for others not so much... Flip Flop Fly Ball notes that the Brewers are one of several MLB teams represented with a baseball cap in a Justin Bieber video.

It got overshadowed a bit on Friday, but Jordan launched our Community Projections project this spring with this post asking for your thoughts on Brewer starting pitchers. Share your opinion there if you haven't yet, and check back this afternoon to help us project the infield corners.

Around baseball:

Braves: Infielder Jack Wilson may not be ready for Opening Day due to a calf strain.
Indians: Closer Chris Perez (oblique strain) and outfielder Grady Sizemore (back) may not be ready for Opening Day..
Nationals: Signed third baseman Ryan Zimmerman to a six year, $100 million contract extension with a club option for 2020.
Twins: Pitcher Joel Zumaya needs Tommy John surgery and will miss the 2012 season.

In former Brewers:

Andruw Jones is not a former Brewer, but perhaps he wishes he was: Uni Watch spotted this picture of Jones taking BP in a pair of shoes with the Brewer retro logo on them. (thanks to Nicole for the tip)

My favorite spring training story of the weekend came from Pirates camp in Bradenton, Florida, where pitcher A.J. Burnett agreed to pay for college for new teammate Daniel McCutchen's daughter (due to be born in May) in exchange for the right to wear uniform number 34. In that single moment, the price of a number switch shot through the roof.

Unfortunately, some of the good things in Pirates camp will likely be overshadowed by this news: Team president Frank Coonelly faces DUI charges after being arrested with a blood-alcohol level over .16 (twice the legal limit in many states) in December.

Today in baseball economics:

This morning's edition of Today In Brewer History celebrates Yovani Gallardo's 26th birthday, while Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times notes that it's also the 26th anniversary of a natural gas explosion in the clubhouse of the Brewer spring training facility in Chandler, Arizona that injured manager George Bamberger, general manager Harry Dalton, coach Tony Muser and others. Today is also Matt Stairs' 44th birthday, and Plunk Everyone notes that his 57 career HBP are the most ever for a batter born on February 27.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to meet more Freds.

Drink up.