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Today In Brewer History: Welcome Back, Gorman Thomas

Most Brewer fans remember Gorman Thomas for his glory days in the late 70's and early 80's: the two AL home run titles, three 100 RBI seasons and slugging percentage over .500 while playing every day in center field. What we sometimes forget, though, is that Thomas needed a lot of time in the majors to find his way. After his first four seasons he was a career .193/.280/.355 hitter and he spent the entire 1977 season in the minors before being traded to the Rangers.

Gorman didn't last long in Texas, though, and on this day in 1978 the Brewers reclaimed him off waivers. The move paid immediate dividends as he hit 32 home runs in his first season back in the big leagues, and 143 more over the next four seasons. By the time his career was over Thomas was the Brewers' career leader with 208 long balls (later passed by Robin Yount).

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