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The Thursday Thinker: Brewer Playoff Winners

Here's a quick hint: Shaun Marcum is not a correct answer.
Here's a quick hint: Shaun Marcum is not a correct answer.

This morning's edition of Today In Brewer History discussed Randy Lerch, one of just eight pitchers in franchise history to hurl six or more innings in a playoff game. I neglected to mention it in the post, but Lerch wasn't that game (1981 ALDS Game 3)'s winning pitcher.

Thirteen pitchers in franchise history have won at least one playoff game for the Brewers. How many can you name in five minutes?

The rules remain the same: Post your score in the comments but do not comment on any specific answer until after 6 pm Central time, so everyone gets a chance to try it out without having it spoiled for them. And, of course, there's no reason to cheat here, because there aren't any prizes.

It's possible for some of you to get all of these. If you do, post your time along with your score in the comments.

Have fun, and don't forget to post your score in the comments!

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Finally, a programming note: By this time next week we'll be discussing spring training games, so this will be this offseason's final Thinker. I hope you've enjoyed this winter's quizzes, and it's a feature I'm considering bringing back next winter.