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BCB Twitter Lunch Transcript, 3/1/2012

While Norichika Aoki and the Brewers were getting ready for this weekend's first spring training game, I was sitting down with a sub sandwich and your questions.
While Norichika Aoki and the Brewers were getting ready for this weekend's first spring training game, I was sitting down with a sub sandwich and your questions.

I've been home alone for lunch every day this week, but I've been lazy so I didn't get around to Twitter Lunch until today. The drill today was the same as always: I sit down with lunch, open the floor for questions to the @BrewCrewBall Twitter, and answer until I'm done. Here's what we talked about this week:

Miketotheg: seven bullpen spots: Ax, KRod, Loe, Braddock, Estrada, Veras....and?

BCB: I'd say Manny Parra has the inside track, with Brandon Kintzler the second option.

MilwauKyle: What do you see Nori Aoki's role being with this team?

BCB: Depends on his spring, but to start he's probably a bench bat and 1-2 game per week starter.

GrAdAILiOn: do you think braun will get booed at every ballpark besides Miller Park? Maybe besides when the dam cubs fans come?

BCB: I think he'll get booed in some places, certainly. Every park is probably a stretch, though.

MREA_Nick: Aoki blows up and forces his way into a starting position, giving us some leverage at the trade deadline: T/F

BCB: False. Unless something happens to someone I doubt he'll get enough playing time to "blow up."

SecondHandStore: Mat Gamel: Over/under 20 HR; over/under .280 AVG

BCB: Over 20 HR, under .280. Well under .280, in fact.

There's much more after the jump. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions, and don't forget to follow @BrewCrewBall on Twitter to be a part of our next Twitter Lunch!

BuckyBenW4667: how many games will Mat Gamel start?

BCB: Unless he really struggles in April/May, I'd expect him to make around 100-110 starts.

SecondHandStore: Greinke or Gallardo which will have the better year?

BCB: I'll take Greinke. Hard to bet against a guy with ace stuff who's healthy in a contract year.

blumberg21: deadline day: who's most likely to be dealt if we're out of it?

BCB: K-Rod. He could be gone even if they're not out of it.

miketotheg: do you think we'll see Peralta in September?

BCB: If the team is in contention, it'd be hard to give him any significant innings. Maybe a brief stint like 2011 Mike Fiers.

miketotheg (following up): how bout next season? seems like the Wolf buyout is inevitable.

BCB: Peralta has a strong chance of making the team in 2013, but I bet the team will bring in a vet and make him win a spot.

TBOHblog: When people boo at Brewers' games, are they all saying "BREEEEEWWWWWW"?


NoahJarosh: Which player has more fWAR at the end of the year, Mat Gamel or Jonathan Lucroy?

BCB: I'll take Gamel, just because I like Lucroy but I don't think he'll hit THAT well.

mcogs7: who do you expect to have a breakout year?

BCB: It's not really a breakout yr if you expect it. Aside from Gamel, most of the guys on this team are too established to "break out."

Bauerny: Brewer that will exceed everyones expectations this year?

BCB: I'm not sure there is one. I think everyone's expectations are pretty high this year.

Whats_on_2nd: how many hommers does braun & ramirez hit combined?

BCB: 58.

bearflash: Who would you rather? Greinke or Marcum? Greinke is better, but less issues and cheaper with Marcum...

BCB: If you're making a long commitment to one, it almost has to be Greinke at this point. Too many questions with Marcum.

NicoleHaase: how do I get a job where I'm off 2 Fridays in a row? :)

BCB: Having married well seems to help. Also, my dentist has every Friday off. So that's an option too.