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Game Threads #-29 and #-28: Chicago (NL) at Milwaukee at San Francisco in Arizona

The first split-squad games of the year for the Brewers which means we get to see even more players who don't matter.

I want Spring Training to incorporate something new, better than split squad games. Something innovative. Something entertaining. They should have three teams play against each other at the same time, in the same game. Three sided innings--each team gets an at bat during the inning. Runs count triple in this format because both of the non-hitting teams are playing defense at the same time.

Points are awarded based on which team makes the out. If there is a ground ball and Team A's shortstop throws it to first and Team B's first baseman is the one to catch the ball, then there is no point awarded. A crowded outfield, with outfielders fighting to secure a fly ball out. Two catchers vying for position behind the plate. Two pitchers pitching. Anytime a team has five of their pitchers pitches hit into play, they lose a point.

This could work, you guys.

Lineups for today's not as cool games:

vs Cubs:
Weeks 2B
Aoki RF
Ishikawa 1B
Ramirez 3B
Gonzalez SS
Kottaras C
Schafer LF
Rivera DH
Patterson CF
Narveson P

vs Giants:
Gomez CF
Morgan RF
Conrad 2B
Green 3B
Gamel 1B
Gindl LF
Izturis SS
Maldonado C
Kjeldgaard DH
Peralta P