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Game Thread #-27: Milwaukee (3-4) vs Colorado (1-5)

The Colorado Rockies are the worst team in the Cactus League so far this year. The only team worse in the MLB are the Atlanta Braves, who are 1-8.The Brewers are about the middle of the pack in the Cactus League and have already fallen three games out of first place. The Mariners may not be able to keep the pace in first forever, but the Brewers have to still outdo seven other teams that are ahead of them. It's a tough task with just twenty something days remaining.

Not that any of this actually means anything, of course.

Here's the lineup, featuring Carlos Gomez as the number two hitter and Norichiki Aoki in the eight spot:

2B Rickie Weeks
CF Carlos Gomez
LF Ryan Braun
3B Aramis Ramirez
1B Mat Gamel
SS Alex Gonzalez
C Jonathan Lucroy
RF Norichika Aoki
P Yovani Gallardo