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Game Thread #-20: Brewers (6-8) at Angels (8-6)

Today, several pitchers will be pitching for the Milwaukee Brewers, and several will pitch for the Los Angeles Angels. Position players will man every spot except the pitching role for each team, and will be subbed out early and often to give a large number of players an opportunity to see playing time. Scores will be kept, but they will not actually matter. A winner will be declared, but that will not actually matter. The individual result of each players time both on the field and at the plate will matter, sort of, though it's up for debate if they should matter.

Weeks 4
Gomez 8
Braun 7
Gamel 3
Gonzalez 6
Ishikawa DH
Lucroy 2
Conrad 5
Aoki 9
Fiers 1

This game is being aired on FSN, so after chasing off all the snakes in your area you can enjoy watching the Brewers while drinking your green Miller, your Guinness, your Baileys, or your Jameson.