2012 BCB Twitter Handles

I liked what I wrote last year, so I'll just re-post that. Also, there are some good follows that may or may not post here anymore, or often anymore, so go back and see their twitter handles. It's always fun to see more Brewers stuff.

Last year we did this, though I know we did bring on a whole new group of BCB-ers, so let's do it once more. It's time to display your Twitter handle. That'll allow you to follow like-minded people and see any breaking news. I'll let everyone post theirs, but of course you need to follow @BrewCrewBall.

And for those potential followers of me @enrico_polazzo_ it's worth it. I've stopped live-tweeting, well everything because I don't have time to live tweet anything since the kid (edit: 2 now!) was born. You will see Brewers thoughts, Archer quotes (edit: Happy Endings AND Parks and Rec as well), and a lot of vitriol towards whatever I choose.

Post your handle in the comments. and good following.

Every contributor on here is pretty active on Twitter, including Kyle when he has time. So feel free to drop your twitter handle and make yourself known. And if you aren't on twitter, go ahead and sign up because it will take up all your time relieving you of the burden of actual responsibilities like loved ones, work productivity, and friends! Also, you get breaking Brewers news faster.