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Celebrating A Belated Milestone: Happy Birthday, BCB!

With everything else that was going on this week, I almost missed something important. Thursday was the seventh anniversary of the first post here at BCB. Jeff Sackmann was at the controls that day, as he was for most of the four years that followed before passing the reins to me in November of 2008. I've been here since then, riding the ups and downs of this team through over 1000 Frosty Mugs filled with disappointments and successes, through some of the biggest news days in franchise history and days where the top story is a bench player's sore ankle.

Of course, both Jeff and I had a lot of help through those years. Over time dozens of contributors and guest posters have added content to this space, including our current staff of 13. There's no way this site could run as consistently or as well as it does without their efforts.

I also wanted to take a moment today to thank SB Nation, who has provided us an excellent platform to use to produce the stuff you see on this site every day. We take a lot of their work for granted but countless people use it seamlessly each day across the network. I've written for a handful of sites across the internet (I've been writing online in one place or another for most of the last 14 years), but I've never stayed anywhere nearly as long as I've been here and that's a testament to the vision and effort that's gone into keeping SB Nation growing and moving forward.

Finally, of course, I need to take a moment to thank all of you. Roughly 4.6 million people have visited this site since March of 2005, clicking through some 10.6 million pages. Whether you're one of the 1,772 people who did it in the site's first month or the 160,191 that did it in August of 2011 (or both), you've played a part in this site's lasting success. Thanks for checking in and stopping back, and helping to make this the best place to discuss the Brewers on the web.

Thanks again, everyone, and here's to another great year!