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Milwaukee Ball Club Falls to South Chicago Ball Club By a Final Tally of Six Runs Scored to Four Runs Scored

Hey look, there's some dirt.
Hey look, there's some dirt.

The boys out of Milwaukee fell to the Chicago White Sox by a score of six runs to four runs.

The Milwaukee club lost despite a well played round by their Short Stop, Alex Gonzalez. Mr. Gonzalez safely reached the first base on all three of his attempts at doing so. He also crossed home plate twice as well as hitting in his team mate for a third score. Mr. Gonzalez hit one thrown ball exceptionally hard. Indeed, the leather sphere traveled so far that it actually passed over the wall in the out field. The result, of course, was Mr. Gonzalez being allowed to travel around the base ball diamond at a leisurely pace so as to cross the fourth, "home" plate and resulting in a run scored for the Milwaukee club.

Norichiki Aoki, recently contracted to play out of Japan, also performed admirably. Mr. Aoki succeeded at reaching base in two of his three tries. Mr. Aoki also tallied one run scored and one assisted run scored, otherwise known recently as a "run batted in," though this reporter doesn't believe the term will fall into wide use.

Aramis Ramirez, the Milwaukee club's third base man, also found a ball to his liking. On this occasion, perhaps not wanting to be outdone by fellow Latin American Mr. Gonzalez, Mr. Ramirez also hit the ball well enough that it passed over the out field fence.

Mat Gamel, the club's found replacement for Prince Fielder, a particular favorite of the public, failed to live up to the heightened expectations placed upon him. Mr. Gamel failed to successfully run to first base. Indeed, Mr. Gamel failed to hit the ball two times today as on two occasions the opposing thrower was awarded three strikes and Mr. Gamel was punished with an out.

Randy Wolf, the team's chosen thrower to begin the day, tossed the ball well, if not exceptionally so. Six members of the Chicago ball club managed to hit Mr. Wolf's throws with their bats and find themselves successfully making it to a base safely. Mr. Wolf was also awarded three outs on the basis of achieving three strikes on Chicago club hitters. Three White Sock men reached home base when Mr. Wolf was throwing. Messrs. Veras and McClendon, two more Milwaukee throwers, allowed three more Chicago tallies while on the playing field.

The unseemly effort from the Milwaukee boys has resulted in a loss. The club will hope to requite this disservice as they will split their club and look to achieve two wins against the ball clubs from Los Angeles and Kansas City.