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Japan Series Opening Day Open Thread

It hasn't drawn much attention on this side of the ocean and (to the best of my knowledge) wasn't even televised live, but the Mariners and Athletics kicked off the 2012 season in Japan a few hours ago and MLB Network will air the game live at 8 am. The winner will get a head start in the race for third place in the AL West.

Use this thread for one of the following:

An opportunity to discuss the game as you watch it. This is the obvious use but it comes with this caveat: If you know what happened, please don't spoil it for others who may not want to know.

An opportunity to discuss the merits of opening the season in a way that will draw this little fanfare. I'm sure this series is a big deal in Japan, but is sending two non-contending teams to play a 5 am Eastern time start across the ocean really a good thing for the game of baseball? An American audience has been nearly completely removed from the equation with the schedule, and a Japanese audience gets two bad teams coming off short springs as their example of what American baseball is like.