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Remarkably Belated Results From The 2011 BCB Prediction Contest

Sometimes I get so distracted by the day-to-day work I do here that other things I need to do slip my mind. The sidebar on your right, for example, still doesn't have the final Brewers of the Week from the 2011 season. -JP- recently accepted a job as roster manager, or the roster on your left might still have Brett Carroll on it. And somehow, until recently, I completely forgot to tabulate and post the results from our 2011 prediction contest.

I'm not going to fix all those things today (at some point I need to start work on tomorrow's Mug), bit I did get around to figuring out who won the prediction contest. Here's the top eight:

Rank Name Points (Out of 40)
1 thevaccinator27 30
2 gavitron9 29
3t MrLeam 28
3t Garrett 28
3t texwestern 28
3t Dikembe Meiztombo 28
3t tommyhawk 28
3t Mark Bauernfeind 28

Seven more of you finished with 27, so the field kind of clumps up from there. Nonetheless, congratulations to thevaccinator27 for winning a free BCB t-shirt, assuming I eventually get around to sending it.

The full results are available here, if you'd like to see how you did and/or enjoy realizing how little we knew about the 2011 Brewers in March of 2011. The 2012 contest should open sometime next week.