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Vast Majority Think Corey Hart Should Open 2012 On The DL If He's Not 100%, According To Poll

This week's poll was open from Tuesday at noon through Wednesday, and received 271 responses. Here are some notable results:

  • If Corey Hart is not at full strength when the Brewers open the season on April 6, just 3% of voters think the Brewers should get him back in the lineup before he's 100%. 95% would rather have him open the season on the DL.
  • A plurality of voters (47%) think Logan Schafer should make the roster if Hart goes on the DL.
  • 96% of voters approve of Jonathan Lucroy's new contract extension.
  • Assuming Shaun Marcum is limited to 75-85 pitches in his first start, 51% of voters would still choose to start him instead of Marco Estrada.

Follow the jump for the full results.

Do you approve of the Brewers' decision to sign Jonathan Lucroy to a five year deal believed to be worth over $11 million?

Response Votes %
Yes 259 96%
No 8 3%
Undecided 4 1%

Assuming Corey Hart is not at full strength by Opening Day, what should the Brewers do?

Response Votes %
Get him back in the lineup as soon as possible, even if he's not quite 100%. 7 3%
Have him start the season on the DL and make sure he's 100% before he rejoins the team. 258 95%
Undecided 6 2%

If Hart opens the season on the DL, who should make the Opening Day roster in his place?

Response Votes %
Caleb Gindl 31 11%
Travis Ishikawa 69 25%
Logan Schafer 128 47%
Undecided 43 16%

Assuming these are the options, who would you rather have starting one of the season's first five games?

Response Votes %
Shaun Marcum, limited to 75-85 pitches. 139 51%
Marco Estrada, at full strength. 123 45%
Undecided 9 3%

Do you agree with the Brewers' decision not to negotiate a contract extension with Shaun Marcum during the season?

Response Votes %
Yes 180 66%
No 51 19%
Undecided 40 15%

If the final spot in the Brewer bullpen comes down to one of these pitchers, which should the Brewers keep on the roster?

Response Votes %
Zach Braddock (2 options remaining) 97 36%
Tim Dillard (no options remaining) 125 46%
Mike McClendon 17 6%
Undecided 32 12%

Assuming Brooks Conrad will make the team, who should be the Brewers' other backup infielder and primary backup at shortstop?

Response Votes %
Eric Farris 27 10%
Cesar Izturis 116 43%
Edwin Maysonet 23 8%
None of these - they need to make a move to address the position. 70 26%
Undecided 35 13%