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Today In Brewer History: The Milwaukee...Browns?

On this day in 1953 nothing happened, but it's what didn't happen that's significant.

After finishing last in the American League in attendance for 23 out of 25 seasons the St. Louis Browns were trying to leave their outdated stadium and second-fiddle status in their home city, but their plans to move to Milwaukee were dashed when Boston Braves owner Lou Perini refused to allow the move. Perini and the Braves owned territorial rights over Milwaukee, as their AAA team was located there.

A few weeks later the Braves moved to Milwaukee instead, launching a new westward expansion in baseball. Thirteen years later they abandoned County Stadium and headed to Atlanta but it was too late for the city to make another effort to get the Browns - they had relocated in 1954 and become the Baltimore Orioles.

With help from the B-Ref Play Index, happy birthday today to: