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Brewers 10, White Sox 6: Johnny Narron Can Keep His Job, For Now

Aoki had a 1.000 SLG% in this game. What say you, batting stance haters?
Aoki had a 1.000 SLG% in this game. What say you, batting stance haters?

Win: Estrada
Loss: Peavy

HR: Mitchell (1)


Noah's Win Expectancy Graph

After three games of the offense being terrible, and the season practically being ruined, the Brewers finally broke out for ten runs on thirteen hits.

In this game, twenty-six different players received time in the game for the Brewers. That is one more than a team is allowed to even have on the roster in regular season play. I, for one, am thrilled that I finally got a chance to see Something Arlis in action. I'm sure he is a great player, and his single proves it! I'll bet, if you didn't listen to this game and weren't really paying attention to who is in camp, that you couldn't tell me which team that Mitchell who hit the home run plays for.

Marco Estrada started the game for the Brewers and gave up three hits in two innings. John Axford, Kameron Loe, and Juan Perez each pitched an inning, with just a walk and a hit combined between the three. Michael Fiers isn't helping his case to make the roster, giving up three runs on three hits in the fifth inning. After making his unofficial official debut in the intrasquad game,

Taylor Jungmann made his official debut until his next official debut in his first minor league game until his official official debut when he finally reaches the major leagues. He gave up an unearned run on two walks in two innings. If not for a mistake by Eric Farris, that run never would have scored. It sounded like Jungmann pitched pretty well. I, of course, couldn't see the game, and game day doesn't provide a strike/ball tracker and Rock and BA just talked about how tall the guy was. But it sounded like he pitched well.

Brock Kjeldgaard played the whole game in left field. He didn't exactly have a good game. He lumbered about the outfield and struck out three times in five at-bats. Way to go Brock!

Alex Gonzalez had a great game, going 2-3 with a double, a triple, and four RBI. He also received some defensive praise from Brian Anderson, who apparently fancies himself a defensive savant.

Sidebar: Earlier in the game, BA said this: "When it was all said and done last year, Yuni Betancourt had a pretty good year last year with the Brewers." Ugh.

Norichiki Aoki had a couple hits, including a triple that seemed to carry forever. He also walked once. Travis Ishikawa scored two runs and picked up an RBI on one hit while playing good defense at first base. Eric Farris played most of the game and went 2-4 while scoring a couple runs.

Mitchell plays for the White Sox.