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3.8 Thursday's Frosty Brew

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Here are some some random thoughts/links, while I learn how to play baseball.

Sorry kids, Kyle is taking the next couple of days off. So you are stuck with my incoherent ramblings, but just for today. For those late to the party I'm Admiral Ackbar, S.J. from Anonymous Eagle. I also occasionally write at and My goal is to lower the bar to a point where everyone else who writes a Frosty Mug post earns a Pulitzer. Oddly enough, the last time I wrote for BrewCrewBall was March 8th, 2011. The other time was when we discussed the Dave Bush Experience. All apologies in adavance, my brain is in March Madness mode.

Corey Hart was walking around in crutches yesterday. Since he's also a Doctor and a psychic, he knew he'd blow his knee out in the next month if he didn't have surgery. He read all about it on WebMD.

NoahJ has the game recap from yesterday. Read it simply for the Win Expectancy Graph. Pretty much sums up my thoughts on the game. The once dormant, for all of three days, offense has finally come alive. You had to expect Aoki would make the most of his opportunity with Corey Hart out and he did exactly that. Not a great line, but encouraging: 2-4 with a BB. What is the expected day Hart moves to 1B to take over for Gamel and Aoki is our everyday RF? May 15th? How long of a leash is Gamel going to get?

Adam McCalvy writes about the steady handed Alex Gonzalez.

Manny Parra tells Haudricourt that he was optimistic about how he pitched.

Here is today's starting line up.

In Timber Rattler news, Chris Mehring reminds me individual game tickets go on sale Saturday @ 10am. Plus, annual rummaged sale at stadium from 10am-3pm.

Brewers Links:
Beat writer Todd Rosiak answered questions yesterday at JSOnline.
Brewer Nation look at #29 Edwin Maysonet.
Ryan Topp wonders if 2012 will be a breakout season for Gallardo.
We should see Rickie Weeks playing defense today.
Mat Gamel from AZ Central: I'm not Prince.
Redlegs Review previews the Brewers.
Fox6: Runnin' Ron does not expect a sophomore slump.
Peanuts & Cracker Jack bring you Aoki's high leg kick.
AP Recap of the game.
Aramis is expecting to produce. As is every single MLB player.
More Than A Fan previews the Brewers. (except they have Alex Rodriguez playing SS)
If you like betting odds and pop up ads, this link is for you.
Roste Beefe (WTF?) thinks the Brewers will win it all.

Around the MLB:
Rob Neyer says more big changes are coming for MLB.
Wezen Ball digs deep into the burning question of 1967.
Mariners say so long to former Brewers prospect Angel Salome.
Marlins team president, didn't hold back.
What the Batboy saw.
Yu Darvish brings the heat.
Adam LaRoche is ready for his comeback.
Win Remmerswaal is a great name. And today is the former Red Sox birthday.
Adele is everywhere.

Pop culture links:
Super Morrissey Brothers.
Even birds love Bluegrass music.
Two words: Pork Donuts.
This is why North Dakota is awful. (h/t Chris Mehring)
Mad props to Topher Grace.

I'm pretty sure I've missed some things, if so, just drop the links in the comments.

Random Music Video: Ash - Burn Baby Burn. I know this is a baseball blog, but it's March Madness time.