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Game Thread #-31: Reds (2-2) at Brewers (2-1-1)

This is a huge game for the Brewers as it presents the first opportunity to face off against a division rival. And a division rival who actually stands to win the division, at that! This is important, as the team will certainly be seeking to make an impression that they are not to be quibbled with. A win in this game will surely show that the Brewers are serious about making a run at a repeat division championship and the Reds had best get out of the way.

In addition, the Brewers are currently tied for third in the Cactus League, but a win and a Mariners loss could put Milwaukee within half a game of first place. But a loss would be devastating as it would move Cincinnati ahead of Milwaukee and provide an opportunity for many other teams to jump ahead of the Brewers.

Or it will just be a random smattering of minor leaguers, guys getting back into shape, and players that don't matter in a game that doesn't matter and that we'll learn almost nothing from. It all depends on how you present it.

Here's your lineup:

Weeks 2B
Morgan CF
Braun LF
Ramirez 3B
Gamel 1B
Gonzalez SS
Lucroy C
Conrad DH
Gomez RF
Greinke P