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Brewers 6, Reds 8: The Season Might As Well Just Be Over

A baseball, flying towards a Brewer, with something in Arizona in the background.
A baseball, flying towards a Brewer, with something in Arizona in the background.

Win: Fisher
Loss: De La Cruz
Save: Gallagher

HR: Gamel (1), Braun (1), Gindl (1), Francisco (1), Costanza (1)

The Brewers had one job to do today, and that was to beat a division rival into submission. Knock them down into place. Winning this game would have assuredly meant that the Brewers are the better team. But Milwaukee failed. They allowed the Cincinnati Reds to pull a fast one and defeat the Brewers. Unbelievably devastating. An awful loss for the home town team. This moves the Brewers all the way back to being behind the Reds and probably other teams in the Cactus League. It's like they don't even care about the championship.

Zack Greinke started the game off well, striking out the first four hitters that he faced. That's just what Greinke does since joining the Brewers. He also gave up three hits in the second inning, allowing two runs (one earned) to score. Unfortunately, that seems to be something else that Greinke does since joining the Brewers. Two errors on one play didn't help, as Rickie Weeks and Mat Gamel both mishandled the ball on an infield single from Ryan Hanigan. It probably should have been two errors on Gamel. But it wasn't--not officially anyway.

Gamel did hit well, including his first home run of spring! He also picked up a single and scored two runs. Ryan Braun hit a two run home run and Caleb Gindl was 2-2 with a three run homer. Gindl was also picked off of first base in the eighth inning.

Frankie De La Cruz may have shot himself in the foot today, getting hit hard and allowing four earned runs in 1.1 innings. Some guy named Tim Dillard--must be a non-roster invitee or something--also allowed a run on four hits in 1.2 innings. Not a good first impression, I can't imagine he'll ever see major league playing time! Mike McClendon and Jose Veras also pitched but did nothing of note. Victor Garate also pitched, albeit poorly. Garate, by the way, pitched for the Brewers. I'm not sure you would have known that if I didn't tell you because who the heck is Victor Garate?

Victor Garate's name seems like it would make for a good anagram, but I couldn't find any.

In other surprises, Brock Kjeldgaard had one at bat and struck out.