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Friday's Frosty Mug

Ryan Braun hit a home run yesterday and talked to the press after the game. He was asked about the usual and said that he's told other players about the "real story" but it's not one that the public will ever know. Hmmm.

Brandon Kintzler is still sore. I mean, his arm is, Kintzler himself appears to be not angry about anything.

Zack Greinke doesn't have an agent, doesn't want an agent until the end of the season, and wishes his friends would stop calling him to recommend him their agents. He at least admits to liking Milwaukee.

Why do players pick the numbers they do? A few Brewers were asked about it.

In Brewers/Cubs interactions, Dale Sveum is preparing for his first game against the Brewers as the Cubs manager. Aramis Ramirez is defending his reputation with the Cubs. (last via @Mass_Haas)

In other Cubs news, they're trying Jeff Samardzija as a starter. Again.

Around the league:

Cardinals: Chris Carpenter is being evaluated for a neck stiffness problem, once again preventing the Cards from having Carpenter and Wainwright active at the same time.

Mariners: Catcher Adam Moore has broken wrist, will miss rest of spring training
Rays: David Price is day to day with neck issues, brought on by drying his head during a game. Really.
Twins: Sign pitcher Glen Perkins to a 3-year, $10.3 million extension with an option for 2016. Also really.

Since I'm avoiding YA dystopias I have no idea what is going on in The Hunger Games, but Miller Park Drunk decided to run the 25-man roster through it.