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Brewers 2, Cubs 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Joined in progress on Yovani Gallardo:

Got better as the game went on. I thought the last inning was his best inning with his fastball.

(Turns to the side) - Nice going, Babe!

On Ryan Dempster:

Yeah, really good command, always down in the zone, ball's never straight, he does a real nice job of pitching.

More on Gallardo:

Good rhythm all game. I think it was very important for him. First inning his command was a little off but I still thought he threw some great pitches the first inning, which is encouraging. Then when he gets through that and he goes on the next few he's gaining confidence, better rhythm, like I said the last inning his fastball was outstanding.

Did he consider taking Gallardo out in the seventh inning?

Well, we talked about it, that's why we had somebody getting loose. But we thought, the way he was throwing the ball they weren't hitting it hard to get on base, that always makes a difference to me. If the first two guys would've squared up balls, he probably wouldn't have been in there.

On the late inning drama:

Always. But I just like our guys. When we go to Frankie and Ax, I like the outcome. They may get some guys on base but they make big pitches and we always talk about it, when you need to make a big pitch they can do it.

On John Axford:

His fastball was better today, a lot more life on it, He threw some really good breaking balls down, which he hasn't been doing. So yes, I thought definitely his pitches were crisper. A lot more quality pitches today.

On Norichika Aoki seeing 30 pitches today:

Yeah, if we could have him through the lineup a starting pitcher wouldn't have a chance late in the game. He does a really nice job battling, he gets on base for you, so he's going to be a nice guy to have with us all year.

On raising Dempster's pitch count early:

Yeah we got him in trouble there the first two innings and then we had a couple of quick innings, about three in a row to let him back in their pitch count. It's tough when a guy's throwing strikes to just go up there and say 'I'm taking' and always get behind in the count, and that's the tradeoff in trying to see a lot of pitches.