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Braves 10, Brewers 8: Tonight's Turning Points

There were some big swings in this one.

1) Brian McCann's three-run home run in the fifth: -.325 WPA (Video)

The game looked like it might already be over at this point, as McCann plated the first three of six fifth inning runs with one out in the fifth. Michael Bourn and Freddie Freeman scored on the blast.

2) Alex Gonzalez's two-run home run in the second: +.234 WPA (Video)

It feels like it came half a lifetime ago, but Alex Gonzalez homered to left with Mat Gamel on first base to give the Brewers an early 2-1 lead.

3) Corey Hart's seventh inning solo home run: +.229 WPA (Video)

The Brewers scored two in the sixth and three in the seventh to get back into the game, and this home run plated the last of those runs as the Crew tied the game at eight.

4) Dan Uggla's two-run single in the eighth inning: -.175 WPA (Video)

This is the one we're probably going to second-guess for a while. First base was open with one out in the eighth and runners on second and third, but instead of walking Dan Uggla to set up the double play and/or force out at the plate, Ron Roenicke opted to pitch to Uggla with the infield drawn in. His broken bat grounded plated the winning run.

5) Michael Bourn's fifth inning triple: -.157 WPA

Randy Wolf's disaster fifth inning started with this hit for Bourn, who eventually scored on McCann's homer.

Just for fun, here are the next five:

6) Aramis Ramirez grounds into a double play in the seventh: -.143 WPA
7) Dan Uggla's third inning RBI double: -.142 WPA (
8) Brian McCann's first inning RBI double: -.126 WPA
9) Carlos Gomez's seventh inning double: +.119 WPA
10) George Kottaras' solo home run in the second inning: +.112 WPA (