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Stat Of The Night: No CG For Minor

Mike Minor pitched a career-high 7.1 innings tonight, but Fredi Gonzalez wisely lifted him in favor of his strong bullpen instead of leaving him in to attempt to complete the game. Minor has now made 26 major league appearances (25 starts), but has never completed a game. He was the first Brave starting pitcher to record a out in the sixth inning this season, much less the seventh or eighth.

25 starts would have Minor tied for 60th on this list of pitchers with the most career starts and no complete games:

Pitcher Starts Seasons Team(s)
Tony Armas 167 1999-2008 Expos/Nationals, Pirates and Mets
Scott Olsen 127 2005-2010 Marlins and Nationals
Max Scherzer 103 2008-2012 Diamondbacks and Tigers
Edinson Volquez 92 2005-2012 Rangers, Reds and Padres
Rick Porcello 90 2009-2012 Tigers

The top current or former Brewer on this list is Manny Parra, who is eighth with 74. Chris Narveson, who is scheduled to start for the Brewers tomorrow, is 15th with 62.