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Prognostikeggers 2012 - Week 2: Brewers vs. Dodgers

That's a serious game face.  I hope yours is just as good.
That's a serious game face. I hope yours is just as good.

We had a very eventful end to Week 1.

Entering the final series, dvtpz was tied for 14th in the weekly standings and was ten points behind Michael E1 for first place. It was a big hill to climb, but it happened. Backed by a nine point day on Friday, dvtpz scored fifteen points in the final series to finish the week in a tie for first place. The other person in the tie was steaksandwiches, who started the week in second place but managed to get ahead of Michael E1 over the last few days. Those big first week performances also put them at the top of the overall standings to start the season.

Now we move to Week 2. I'm making one change this week. The projected starting pitchers for each game will be listed. If you are looking for stats for those pitchers, or want to find the starting lineup for the day, there is the daily preview post to look at. It's all home games this week, that means it's time to get your sausage predictions going again. We're only 10 games into the season, so don't give up yet. There's plenty of time to get catch up. If you haven't started playing yet, you can join in at any time. Have some fun with us and get your predictions going.

Extra Prediction for the Series: It's been a rough few days for the Brewers, but let's keep our minds focused on winning. For this series, you will predict when the game winning run for the game will be scored. For this prediction, the game winning run is defined as the run that would put the team up for good. Here's an example. If a team wins 6-3, you will predict when they score their fourth run. If you are not correct, but are only off by one inning, you will get one point. If you predict the correct inning, you will get three points. If that inning is in extra innings, you will get another two points for a total of five points.

(Click here to view the rules for Prognostikeggers.)

Entry Forms

April 17 - Chad Billingsley vs. Yovani Gallardo
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Predictions lock at 7:10 PM CDT
Click here to view all predictions

April 18 - Chris Capuano vs. Zack Greinke
Click here to enter your predictions
Predictions lock at 7:10 PM CDT
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April 19 - Aaron Harang vs. Randy Wolf
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Predictions lock at 12:10 PM CDT
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Check out the scoring from the last series after the jump.

Weekly Winners

Week 1 dvtpz, steaksandwiches

Overall Standings

Week 1 Standings

Week 2 Standings

Scoring Summary

April 13 Scoring

Attendance 50635 12 Correct @ 2 Points
Runs 8 Runs 1 Correct
Hits 13 Hits 1 Correct
Errors 1 Errors 19 Correct
MVP Corey Hart 7 Correct
Extra – Game Score 11 0 Correct

Bonus Predictions

Masters of Mayhem 2 Points Braun SB
Glockstock 2 Points Ryan Braun SB
MKEtotheATX 2 Points Brewers steal 2+ bases
brewerspug 2 Points Kottaras HR
mnbrewer 3 Points Rickie Weeks will have exactly one hit and one walk
philc78 3 Points Brewers hit back to back HR
catchthefever 1 Point Hart has a multi hit game

April 14 Scoring

Attendance 37408 3 Correct @ 2 Points
Runs 1 Run 0 Correct
Hits 5 Hits 0 Correct
Errors 1 Error 16 Correct
MVP Corey Hart 5 Correct
Extra – Game Score 67 10 Correct @ 1 Point, 4 Correct @ 2 Points, 1 Correct @ 3 Points

Bonus Predictions

Cecil Cooper's Love Child 1 Point Marcum WHIP < 1.00
Kyle Lobner 3 Points All Brewer runs score in one inning.

April 15 Scoring

Attendance 30831 1 Correct @ 2 Points
Runs 4 Runs 10 Correct
Hits 7 Hits 7 Correct
Errors 2 Errors 0 Correct
MVP Jonathan Lucroy 1 Correct
Extra – Game Score 33 1 Correct @ 1 Point, 1 Correct @ 2 Points

Bonus Predictions

No correct bonuses.