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Brewers 5, Dodgers 4: Tonight's Turning Points

Wow. Just wow.

1) George Kottaras' walkoff two-run double in the ninth: +.671 WPA (Video)

It's only April but the Brewers have already given us one of the crazier moments we'll likely see all year. Kottaras' double, pinch hitting for the only shortstop on the roster, scored Carlos Gomez and (barely) Mat Gamel to turn a 4-3 deficit into a 5-4 win. Gamel's slide also deserves mention: He narrowly avoided being tagged out and sending the Brewers to likely extra innings without a shortstop.

2) Andre Ethier's eighth inning two run home run: -.529 WPA (Video)

Matt Kemp and Andre Either combined have ten of the Dodgers' eleven home runs this season. Here Ethier shows that, while Kemp gets most of the publicity, he's also a guy with game-changing power. Thankfully in the end it didn't matter.

3) Jonathan Lucroy's ninth inning strikeout: -.184 WPA

If the Brewers hadn't won this game, this is the moment we likely would have spent the night talking about. With Carlos Gomez on second, Mat Gamel on first and Cesar Izturis on deck, Ron Roenicke sent Lucroy to the plate to attempt to bunt. He worked the count to 2-0, then fouled off a couple of bunt attempts before striking out swinging on a pitch in the dirt.

4) James Loney's seventh inning RBI double: -.144 WPA (Video)

The Brewers were carrying a 2-1 lead in the seventh inning when this double plated Andre Ethier to tie the game.

5) Corey Hart's ninth inning single: +.134 WPA

Corey Hart deserves a lot of credit for putting a good swing on the ball in the clutch and starting the ninth inning rally. Carlos Gomez pinch ran for him and eventually scored the tying run.

For fun, the next five:

6) Andre Ethier's seventh inning double: -.119 WPA
7) Mat Gamel's second inning solo home run: +.113 WPA (Video)
8) Carlos Gomez's ninth inning stolen base: +.110 WPA
9) James Loney's fifth inning single: -.092 WPA
10) Cesar Izturis' seventh inning single: +.083 WPA