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Stat Of The Night: An All-Time Great Walkoff

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the George Kottaras Golden Era. Six days ago the Brewer backup catcher had the best game of his career by Win Percentage Added, and tonight he topped it by providing +.671 WPA with his ninth inning walkoff double.

By WPA, Kottaras' double tonight was actually the seventh best pinch hit appearance in Brewer franchise history:

Rank Player Date Hit WPA
1 Bill Hall April 27, 2004 Home run +.899
2 Gus Gil June 23, 1970 Double +.836
3 Mike Hegan July 8, 1974 Home run +.805
4 Bobby Darwin June 30, 1975 Home run +.797
5 Joe LaHoud August 22, 1973 Grand slam +.754
6 Roy Howell May 23, 1983 Home run +.749
7 George Kottaras Tonight Double +.671

Amazingly enough, I'm not sure I've ever even seen the replay of most of these hits. They'd probably produce a pretty incredible highlight reel.