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Tonight's Matchup: Brewers (Greinke) vs Dodgers (Capuano)

Ok everyone, time to get off the pile and go play again.
Ok everyone, time to get off the pile and go play again.

Tonight the Brewer look to make it two wins in a row.

They'll do it with Zack Greinke (6.75/0.94 ERA/FIP in 2012, 3.83/2.98 ERA/FIP in 2011), who for the second straight season appears to be the Brewer who could be either unlucky or just not pitching well depending on your point of view. Regardless of the reason, Greinke allowed eight runs on nine hits over 3.2 innings Thursday, walking one and striking out five.

Opposing batters have always been pretty good at turning balls in play into hits against Greinke, but for whatever reason that tendency has turned up a bit since he came to Milwaukee. Opposing hitters have a .309 career BABIP against the former Royal, but hit .318 on balls in play against him in 2011 and now .419 through two starts in 2012.

Greinke has faced the Dodgers twice in his career, including one start in 2011. He allowed just one run on five hits over seven innings in that start, walking three and striking out eight. Three Dodgers have faced him ten times or more:

Mark Ellis 22 .316 .409 .368 .778
Juan Uribe 20 .278 .316 .500 .816
Adam Kennedy 10 .500 .500 .600 1.100

He'll face longtime Brewer Chris Capuano (5.40/3.80 ERA/FIP in 2012, 4.55/4.04 ERA/FIP in 2011), who just might be one of the best pitchers ever to come back from a second Tommy John surgery. Capuano was the winning pitcher for the Dodgers on Thursday, when he allowed two runs on six hits over 5.1 innings with no walks and seven strikeouts. He only threw 81 pitches in that appearance.

Capuano is a solid major league pitcher, but if you can elevate his pitch count you might be able to get him out of the game early. He hasn't thrown more than 86 pitches in a game this season, and threw less than 100 in 22 of his 31 starts last year. He throws a high-80's fastball but relies heavily on a changeup he'll throw about 25% of the time. The change has been his best pitch over the years.

Capuano faced the Brewers twice last year as a member of the Mets, allowing a combined six runs on eight hits over eleven innings. Brewer batters took him deep four times in those two outings. Three current Brewers have faced him ten times or more:

Aramis Ramirez 41 .297 .366 .432 .798
Alex Gonzalez 14 .286 .286 .429 .714
Cesar Izturis 12 .250 .250 .333 .583

As of this writing I haven't seen tonight's lineup. If you have, please drop it in the comments.

And in the bullpen:

Francisco Rodriguez pitched one inning (19 pitches) last night.
Jose Veras pitched one inning (13 pitches) last night.
Manny Parra, Marco Estrada, John Axford and Tim Dillard last pitched on Sunday.
Kameron Loe last pitched on Friday.

The weather shouldn't be a factor during the game as the roof is expected to be closed.