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Prognostikeggers 2012: Spring Training Challenge - Week 4 Update #2

Have you taken advantage of Jonathan Lucroy's hot spring?
Have you taken advantage of Jonathan Lucroy's hot spring?

There are four games to go before the end of spring training.

After seven games of the final week, bjThorson is still leading in both the weekly and spring training standings. While the lead isn't insurmountable, it should be big enough to win at least the overall spring training challenge. Of course, there is time to play the role of spoiler. Anyone could still take the final week and stop him from at least earning a tie for the lead in every week.

On Friday, we will return to the full regular season version of Prognostikeggers. Returning into the mix are the extra predictions, sausage race predictions, and MVP predictions. There will be some changes to the regular season format, the biggest one being that the season will be divided into smaller parts to help keep competition up all season. The full details on the new season will come out later this week. Hopefully your work during the preseason will help you out during the regular season.

It's now time to wrap up spring training. Good luck.

(You can find the rules for spring training here.)

Entry Forms

April 2 - Brewers @ White Sox
Predictions lock at 2:05 PM CDT

April 3 - Brewers @ Cubs
Predictions lock at 2:05 PM CDT

April 3 - Brewers @ Diamondbacks
Predictions lock at 8:40 PM CDT

April 4 - Brewers @ Diamondbacks
Predictions lock at 2:40 PM CDT

Check out more scoring details after the jump.

Weekly Winners

Week 1 bjThorson, Loeffleitroms
Week 2 aaronetc, bjThorson, Kid19
Week 3 bjThorson

Overall Standings

Week 4 Standings

Results Breakdown

March 29 - Brewers vs. Reds
Attendance: 3,115 - 4 Correct
Runs: 3 Runs - 1 Correct
Hits: 10 Hits - 2 Correct
Errors: 0 Errors - 3 Correct

catchthefever - Wolf gets a K in the 2nd inning
Kid19 - Wolf pitches in the seventh inning

March 30 - Brewers @ Dodgers (SS)
Attendance: 5,714 - 2 Correct
Runs: 9 Runs - 0 Correct
Hits: 9 Hits - 2 Correct
Errors: 1 Error - 6 Correct

catchthefever - Brewers have 3+ extra base hits
Kid19 - 3 Brewers get a hit for extra bases
bjThorson - Brewers 3+ extra base hits

March 31 - Brewers @ Padres (SS)
Attendance: 4,287 - 0 Correct
Runs: 10 Runs - 0 Correct
Hits: 11 Hits - 1 Correct
Errors: 2 Errors - 1 Correct

Kid19 - 3 or more Brewer home runs
clouse7 - Brewers win
ballacksrise - 3 Brewers with multi hits
bjThorson - Narveson pitches a 1-2-3 first inning
Loeffleitroms - Lucroy and Gonzalez reach base
aaronetc - At least four Brewers XBHs

April 1 - Brewers vs. Giants
Attendance: 6,069 - 2 Correct
Runs: 7 Runs - 0 Correct
Hits: 11 Hits - 1 Correct
Errors: 0 Errors - 6 Correct

bjThorson - Gallardo strikes out 6+
Loeffleitroms - Gallardo has lower WHIP than Lincecum