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Rockies 4, Brewers 3: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Did Norichika Aoki's performance tonight convince him to play him more often?

No. We'll see. It could come to that but right now we'll probably stick with what we're doing. I like what Nori is doing, I think it's great, we'll try to get him in when we can, but we'll probably stay with what we're doing.

Do you feel the margin of error is too small because offense isn't scoring runs?

We did. You're right, we're not swinging the bat. Five hits, we didn't square up a whole lot of those hits. I know (Mat) Gamel had a nice day. But we're not swinging the bat well. Shaun I thought did a good job of battling. He didn't have his command today, but I thought he did a real good job to keep us in the ball game, made some great pitches when he needed to. But overall he didn't have his command.

On John Axford's ninth inning error:

I really couldn't tell what happened there.

On Aoki:

Yeah, great game. He looks good in center field. He gives you a nice at bat. The more I see of this guy the more I like him. He's doing a good job. Like I said, if we can find a way to get him in there more often we'll do it.

Is Aoki hungry for playing time?

Oh he wants to play. He wants to play a lot more. And he's doing what he can to show us he should be. So he's doing his part. He's doing everything we've asked of him. And that's why I said we'll see: If we can get him in there more we'll try to do it.

On Ryan Braun's struggles:

Yeah, this stretch, he's getting out of the zone with his swings. When he's good he doesn't chase very much, and he's chasing. He's jumping a little bit. We need to get him healthy too. If he gets where he's feeling strong up there I think that changes a lot of what happens with his at bats.

Is the plan to stick with him?

We'll see how he's feeling. We've got a bunch of guys that are sick right now so we'll see how he's feeling and what he wants to do. If a day off helps him, we'll give him a day off.

Were the multiple conversations between Lucroy and Marcum a sign of disconnect?

That's not what happened. They were on the same page, Shaun couldn't see the signs. I know Yo's (Yovani Gallardo) having a hard time seeing, and there's a little shadow where Luc is giving signs and Marcum can't see them. So he's calling him out because he can't see what fingers he's putting down.