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ARCHIVED AUDIO: Kyle's Friday Appearance On The Home Stretch With Justin Hull

It was a simpler time when Justin Hull and I sat down Friday afternoon at 3 for our weekly discussion of all things Brewers. The Crew was merely one game below .500 at 6-7 (instead of today's 6-8), and neither of us knew that we were about to learn that Chris Narveson has a torn rotator cuff.

In front of that backdrop we sat down and spent 45 minutes talking about the following topics:

  • Randy Wolf and whether or not it's appropriate to be concerned about his performance.
  • Small ball, its many iterations and the times where it is or is not a good idea.
  • Chris Narveson, the sudden blow to the Brewer rotation, unbridled speculation about his injury status and a look at options the Brewers may consider to replace him going forward.
  • Nyjer Morgan, his early-season slump, his decision to run through the stop sign on Wednesday night and the possibility the Brewers could simply opt to go without a third base coach.
  • Wily Peralta, his prospect pedigree and the argument against rushing him to the majors to start instead of Marco Estrada.

The entirety of the interview has been divided into two parts and can be heard here and here. Barring something unforeseen, I'll be stopping in to talk with Justin again next week at the same time and place.