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Brewers 9, Rockies 4: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

On Marco Estrada:

Estrada...did the same thing he did for us last year. He comes in and gives us a lot of innings with a lot of zeroes. Good live fastball today, I really liked it, located and had some giddyup on it. It got by a lot of guys. So along with the good off speed stuff. But his fastball was really good today. That's what he pitched mostly with. And the offense, I don't know why you bust out when you do but we've been needing an inning like that and it came at a great time.

On Ryan Braun:

It was big for him. He's been feeling good, that's why it's been frustrating for him. Usually when he's feeling good you see a lot of production, but I know he's been frustrated with it as the team has about our offense. And we had a lot of big at bats today. Rickie's sac fly (?) was huge. Gonzo big at bat. Then certainly Braunie's two and the intentional walk to get to Gonzalez was a killer. But offensively we were good all through the lineup, which is good to see.

Was getting Drew Pomeranz to pitch out of the stretch in the fifth the key?

The first four innings he had a great fastball that he was locating on the inside part of the plate to right-handed hitters and away from lefties. He's got kind of a natural cut to his fastball and it was really tough for the lefties, Gamel to try to go out and get and for the righties to figure out what to do with the pitch. I thought he lost command a little on that pitch, but he came out and he was pretty impressive locating that one pitch, and that's really all he needed to throw.

Was he thinking "Here we go again" when Pomeranz retired the first twelve?

Yes I was. But I've seen it so many times with our offense: We'll be shut out for a while and then we'll have a big inning like we had. It'd be nice if...I always talk about being more consistent through the game, scoring more often in different innings and that puts that extra pressure on pitchers. But I thought their guy got comfortable early when he was striking out guys and he did a nice job.

Jonathan Lucroy's fifth inning bunt: Was it a reaction to the team's offensive struggles or just the way Roenicke wants to play?

A little of both. If we're bashing the ball I probably don't do that. But I think anytime you're a little stagnant with your offense you need to create things instead of just sitting back and watching. I put Luc, he's a good hitter is the thing. That's why it's a tough decision with him because I know he can drive the ball, I feel very confident with him swinging the bat. But I really wanted to get a run. If we get two, great, but I really wanted to get a run.

On finally playing a non-nail biter:

Yeah, they always seem that way. It's nice to be able to at least have a little breathing room going into the last couple of innings.