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Brewers 1, Rockies 4: Today's Turning Points

1) Michael Cuddyer doubles off of Francisco Rodriguez, plating two runs (-.312 WPA)

This put the Rockies up 3-1 over the Brewers with just two chances for Milwaukee to come back. The way the Brewers offense was playing today, it's not much of a shock that they weren't able to come back from two down this late in the game.

2) Mat Gamel drives in Ryan Braun in the fourth inning (+.141 WPA)

The Brewers only run came on this play. After Ryan Braun singled, Gamel would later drive him in with a single of his own. Two of four hits came together to score this run.

3) Carlos Gomez singles in the eighth inning (+.122 WPA)

After Rickie Weeks opened the bottom of the eighth with a walk, Carlos Gomez's single gave the Brewers two baserunners with zero outs in the eighth inning, after going down by two runs. In that situation, with three of the teams top four hitters coming up in the order, the odds are good that the team would score a run.

4) Ryan Braun flies out in the eighth inning (-.111 WPA)

Of course, this was the beginning of a ruined eighth inning for Milwaukee. After Gomez's single, Ryan Braun popped up to give the Rockies the first out of the inning without Milwaukee advancing a baserunner. A lineout and strikeout later, and the Rockies escaped the inning unscathed.

5) Jason Giambi singles in the first inning, giving the Rockies an early lead (-.107)

The first run of the game came in the first inning as this was the only damage the Rockies would muster against Yovani Gallardo. Half of Colorado's hits came in the first inning with this being the last of them.