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Stat of the Day: 2-6

The sun, it burnnnnnssss!
The sun, it burnnnnnssss!

The Milwaukee Brewers are 7-9 following their 4-1 loss to the Colorado Rockies this afternoon.

That loss in the afternoon is not a strange thing for Milwaukee this season. The Brewers are now just 2-6 when playing day games this season. That means that during night games, the team is 5-3.

So far this year, the Brewers lost two day games and won one day game against the Cardinals, won one and lost one against the Cubs, and lost one each against the Dodgers, Braves, and Rockies.

During eight day games in 2012, the Brewers have scored a grand total of 24 runs. That's an average of just three runs per game. During eight night games this season, the Brewers have scored a total of 43 runs, for an average of 5.375 runs per game.

In 51 day games last season, the Brewers went 30-21, which was pretty close to the same win percentage as their actual record.

The Brewers still have 44 day games remaining on their schedule in 2012, including one against the Astros and two against the Cardinals in the upcoming week.