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Brewers 6, Astros 5: Tonight's Turning Points

All of the big moments in tonight's game happened early and late.

1) Aramis Ramirez's First Inning RBI Triple: +.141 WPA (Video)

This gave the Brewers a 2-1 lead in the first inning as Ryan Braun scored from first base and Aramis Ramirez recorded his first triple of the season.

2) Brian Bogusevic's Seventh Inning RBI Triple: -.132 WPA (Video)

Jose Veras followed Zack Greinke in today's game and struggled. With Jed Lowrie on third and Carlos Lee on first, Brian Bogusevic hit a triple to make it a 6-4 game.

3) Carlos Lee's Ninth Inning Single: -.115 WPA

John Axford came in to close the game, and started the ninth inning off with a single to Carlos Lee to keep the tension high.

4) John Axford's Ninth Inning Strikeout of Brian Bogusevic: +.105 WPA

After allowing the single to Carlos Lee to start the ninth inning, John Axford got his first strikeout of the inning off of Brian Bogusevic.

5) Jed Lowrie's First Inning Home Run: -.103 WPA (Video)

The Astros got on the board first in the first inning thanks to this home run from Jed Lowrie.

Here are the next five biggest moments:

6) Zack Greinke's Fifth Inning Strikeout of Chris Johnson: +.097 WPA
7) Zack Greinke's Bases Loaded Walk of Brian Bogusevic in the Fifth Inning: -.090 WPA
8) John Axford's Ninth Inning Strikeout of Chris Johnson: +.091 WPA
9) Ryan Braun's First Inning RBI Single: +.088 WPA
10) Jose Veras' Strikeout of Jose Altuve in the Seventh Inning: +.086 WPA