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Brewers 6, Astros 5: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin.

On K-Rod and worrying about overuse of the bullpen:

Yes, I do. I had a conversation with Frankie today before the game, and I asked him if he needed a day and he said, "Definitely not". I'm going to have the same conversation with him tomorrow. It's not good when I feel like I have to pull these guys every game. We'll try to figure out what we're going to do, but I know Frankie's going to want to throw again and early in the season it is a concern. The only thing is with Frankie, I have a lot of history with him and I know he can throw a lot, and when he tells me he's ok, I know he's ok. We need to bust out and get a lead so we can bring out some other guys.

On scoring in multiple innings today:

I liked what we did offensively today. I think when we scored in four different innings, I think that's really good. To have that big inning in the first, I think it's really nice to give our starting pitchers a little slack there where they don't have to feel like when they get a guy on third base that they always have to strike somebody out and make sure they don't score. You can give up a run there and still be fine which Zack did. Zack, good again. Little bit off maybe in his command at times, but threw some great pitches. Really spotted his fastball well, that low and outside pitch to right handers, had a great cutter going today, and threw some nice changeups. Another really good performance from him.

On not scoring in the first inning in about two weeks:

Sometimes, you get in a stretch where it seems like you never score and then, last year I remember a stretch where we scored a lot of games in a row in the first inning. I always say that's the hardest inning for a starting pitcher is that first inning so offensively, we need to do more of that.

On leaving Jose Veras in the game in the seventh inning:

I didn't want to [go out and get him]. He got the second out in the inning, that was a big out. I thought he threw some quality pitches there that he hadn't been throwing to batters before that, and when we saw him throwing the quality pitches, I talked to Rick and I asked him what he thought, and we thought because of that sequence of pitches that he was ok to go through and get the next guy.

On the center field situation:

It's a little of the matchups and it's a little of me wanting to get Aoki in there a little more, so we'll look at that. I'm not sure which way I'm going to go tomorrow. Carlos necessarily isn't just a platoon guy right now, either. The three of them are in that mix against right handers.