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Stat Of The Night: Hit Rickie Weeks And He'll Make You Pay

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Rickie Weeks led off the bottom of the first tonight and was hit by Bud Norris' first pitch, a 93 mph fastball to the back. It was a history-making moment for Weeks, who is now tied for the Brewers' all-time lead with 96 career HBP. Geoff Jenkins will now have to share the title until Weeks gets hit again.

Weeks got some revenge later in the game, though, taking Norris deep during the Brewers' five-run sixth inning. That was the 112th home run of Weeks' career, and the eleventh that has come on a day where he was also hit by a pitch. Weeks is one of just seven Brewers who have been hit by a pitch and hit a homer in the same game five or more times:

Player HR HBP HR, HBP in same game
Geoff Jenkins 212 96 12
Rickie Weeks 112 96 11
Prince Fielder 232 79 8
Robin Yount 251 48 7
Corey Hart 129 36 7
John Jaha 105 38 6
Ryan Braun 164 39 6

67 Brewers have performed this feat at least once, but only 26 managed to do it a second time.

The Brewers' four homers tonight are a new season-high, but Weeks was the only one to pair his with an HBP.