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Brewers 9, Astros 6: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Joined in progress:

Offensively we were really good, a lot of guys contributed. That was nice to see. I know it was late, but it was nice to see that we could put a few good innings together. That was nice offensively.

On not wanting to use John Axford tonight:

No I didn't. Did not want to, more than that I didn't want to use Frankie (Francisco Rodriguez) tonight.

Is he worried about the other guys in the bullpen?

I know. I would like somebody down there to be able to come in there and put together some good outings and, when we get a lead, to be able to stop it and put some zeroes up so we don't always have to go to Frankie and Ax. Before the game I told Veras that he was down today. He threw a lot of pitches yesterday, I didn't want to do that to him. Frankie same thing, I asked him again, which I didn't need to, and he told me we have a day off Thursday. So he's back in there again. I don't know what we'll do tomorrow. We'll see.

On Randy Wolf:

Looked really good. I think he's commanded the ball better, I've seen in games, but I thought he made a lot of really good pitches. His fastball was really good, had a lot of life on it, and he really probably pitched more off his fastball than I normally see him do. Usually he gets the curveball into the game a little but better but today the command on the curveball was a little off. But I thought he did a great job of battling. This team that we're playing, they battle. It's not easy outs getting through their lineup. It always seems like every inning somebody's on base for them. And they scrap, and they've got a couple of big boys that can hit it out of the ballpark, and they never give up.