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Prognostikeggers 2012 - Week 3: Brewers @ Cardinals

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Week 3 action continues in St. Louis this weekend. After the first series of the week, gavitron9 has taken a big lead and is in control this week. Of course, with a little luck you could replicate that success. Meanwhile, in the overall standings, a rough series by MichaelE1 allowed icecreamman to take the overall lead, and gavitron9 is close behind MichaelE1 after the high-scoring Houston series. It's just a normal series for Prognostikeggers, where chances can happen and they can happen quickly.

Programming Note: I will be out of town this weekend and will have limited to no access to the internet during that time. As a result, Monday's post will be postponed. Kyle will post the forms for the Padres series on Monday at the usual time (10 am), and I will have the regular post on Tuesday.

Extra Prediction for the Series: This series, we're going to a winning margin prediction. All you have to predict for the extra prediction this week is what the winning margin will be. You don't have to pick a winning team, just how much you think the winning team will win by. If you are correct, you will get two points. If you are within one of the actual margin, you will be one point.

Entry Forms

April 27 - Yovani Gallardo vs. Jake Westbrook
Click here to enter your predictions
Predictions lock at 7:15 PM CDT
Click here to view all predictions

April 28 - Marco Estrada vs. Kyle Lohse
Click here to enter your predictions
Predictions lock at 12:05 PM CDT
Click here to view all predictions

April 29 - Zack Greinke vs. Jaime Garcia
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Predictions lock at 1:15 PM CDT
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Check below the jump for scoring details and explanations on denied bonuses.

Weekly Winners

Week 1 dvtpz, steaksandwiches
Week 2 MichaelE1, vandecm

Current Standings for Week 3

Overall Standings

Scoring Summary

April 23 Scoring

Attendance 36291 4 Correct
Runs 6 Runs 7 Correct
Hits 8 Hits 8 Correct
Errors 0 Errors 13 Correct
MVP Ryan Braun 4 Correct
Sausage Race Chorizo 3 Correct
Extra – Number of Pitches 318 2 Correct @ 1 Points

Bonus Predictions

mnbrewer 1 Point Braun HR
thefreewheelin76 3 Points Braun 3 Hits

April 24 Scoring

Attendance 38686 2 Correct @ 2 Points
Runs 9 Runs 1 Correct
Hits 13 Hits 1 Correct
Errors 1 Errors 20 Correct
MVP Travis Ishikawa 0 Correct
Sausage Race Polish 5 Correct
Extra – Number of Pitches 308 1 Correct @ 4 Points, 7 Correct @ 2 Points, 14 Correct @ 1 Point

Bonus Predictions

ASerd87 2 Points Brewers will have 3 HRs
gavitron9 2 Points Brewers have 2 stolen bases
dvtpz 2 Points 3 Brewers with a HR
coachseibel 3 Points Brewers Pinch-Hit HR

April 25 Scoring

Attendance 26778 1 Correct @ 2 Points
Runs 5 Runs 11 Correct
Hits 10 Hits 3 Correct
Errors 1 Errors 17 Correct
MVP Ryan Braun 8 Correct
Sausage Race Bratwurst 8 Correct
Extra – Number of Pitches 340 1 Correct @ 2 Points, 4 Correct @ 1 Point

Bonus Predictions

Dulzy 2 Points Brewers hit 2 solo HRs
Cecil Cooper's Love Child 2 Points Brewers 3+ home runs
gavitron9 2 Points Brewers hit 3 HRs
mnbrewer 2 Points A-Ram double
MKEtotheATX 2 Points Brewers hit 5+ XBH
aaronetc 3 Points 2+ XBHs for Corey Hart
slandog 3 Points Hart has 5 total bases

Explanation on Denied Bonuses

Greinke 8+ Ks - You have to predict a minimum of 10 strikeouts for a Greinke start. Anything less than that is just too common. If he doesn't get to 10 in his next start, I'll take it down to a minimum of 9, but 8 will still be short.

Brewers 3+ XBH - It's too common, happens in over half of their games. You need to go up to 5+ XBH for it to count.

Wolf less than 7 IP - He does this in over half of his starts. You would need to predict less than 6 IP for it to count.