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Cardinals 13, Brewers 1: Tonight's Turning Points

1) Skip Schumaker's two-run triple in the second inning: -.225 WPA (Video)

The third inning is what most of us will remember from tonight, but the single worst moment of the day actually came one inning earlier. The Brewers had taken a 1-0 lead early but fell behind 2-1 on this wind-aided triple, which Nyjer Morgan appeared to call for but couldn't bring in.

2) Aramis Ramirez's first inning RBI single: +.124 WPA (Video)

The only bright spot of the night for the Brewers came here, as Aramis Ramirez drove in Nyjer Morgan and the Brewers scored first for the first time in nine games.

3) Corey Hart's first inning double play: -.103 WPA

Hart was the next batter after Ramirez and ended the threat with this double play grounder.

4) Carlos Beltran's third inning RBI single: -.078 WPA

After Jon Jay singled and Matt Holliday walked to lead off the third, Beltran drove in the first of eight runs in the inning with this single.

5) David Freese's third inning RBI single: -.076 WPA

Freese was the next batter after Beltran, and his single gave the Cardinals a 4-1 lead.

The next five:

6) Yadier Molina's second inning single: -.064 WPA
7) Matt Carpenter's second inning fielder's choice, David Freese out at third: +.061 WPA
8) Nyjer Morgan's second inning double play: -.059 WPA
9) Jake Westbrook's second inning groundout: +.054 WPA
10) Matt Holliday's third inning walk: +.048 WPA