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Brewers 3, Cardinals 2: Turning Points

Sir, yes sir!
Sir, yes sir!

1) Carlos Beltran singles in the ninth inning (-.330 WPA)

Beltran singling gave the Cardinals runners on the corners with zero outs. In many cases, this situation means there is a good chance the batting team will score. Not with John Axford on the mound, though.

2) Jonathan Lucroy's RBI double in the sixth inning (.266 WPA)

The highest scoring play of the game is only second in the turning points. Lucroy knocked in two runs and gave the Brewers a 3-1 lead here.

3) Yadier Molina strikes out in the ninth (.258 WPA)

4) David Freese Strikes out in the ninth (.202 WPA)

5) Tyler Greene caught stealing in the ninth (.195)

I'll just lump these three together. Each one was an out in the ninth inning, with runners at the corners. Freese was out number one, followed by Molina, with Tyler Greene making the third out as a pinch runner for Matt Holliday.

And just for kicks, the next five:

6) Skip Schumaker singles to left in the eighth inning (-.144 WPA)

7) Aramis Ramirez RBI single in the sixth inning (.140 WPA)

8) Matt Holliday walks in the ninth inning (-.133 WPA)

9) Rafael Furcal's two out RBI single in the second inning (-.117 WPA)

10) Matt Carpenter doubles to left in the eighth (-.105 WPA)