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Stat of the Day: Zack Greinke's Strange Stat Line

Were you...were you pitching to contact?
Were you...were you pitching to contact?

Zack Greinke had a nice outing against the Cardinals today, allowing just one run in six innings. He gave up plenty of baserunners, but managed to get out of some precarious situations.

However, his peripherals were a bit strange. Last season, Grienke had a 10.54 K/9 and 2.36 BB/9. This year has been similar, with a 10.65 K/9 and 1.90 BB/9.

Today, Greinke walked four hitters and struck out just two. This is only the second time in his time with the Brewers that he walked more hitters than he struck out. It is also the second lowest strikeout total of his Brewers career.

The last time this happened for Greinke was June 28, 2011 against the New York Mets. That day, Greinke lasted just two innings and walked three without striking out anybody. Prior to that, the last time Greinke allowed more walks than strikeouts was July 16, 2010 against the Athletics. That day he walked four and struck out three. It never happened during his phenomenal 2009 season, and occured just twice during 2008.

Today was a weird day for Zack Greinke. Him walking more batter than he struck out happens very rarely and it's unlikely we will see this happen again in 2012.