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Brewers Keep Us Up Past Our Bedtimes, Lose 5-3 To Diamondbacks

W: Brad Ziegler
L: Amaury Rivas
S: J.J. Putz

HR: Alex Gonzalez

The Brewers took an opportunity today to remind us how much weeknight road games in the Pacific time zone suck.

After playing nearly all afternoon games this spring the Brewers closed out a doubleheader day with an 8:40 pm Central time start in Arizona and blew a 3-1 lead while I tried not to doze off. The Diamondbacks scored four runs in the eighth off Amaury Rivas, I think. The guy running Gameday for fell asleep in his chair and stopped updating during the middle of the eighth inning.

The Brewers have still never scored a run against Josh Collmenter during the regular season but they got one in a spring training game tonight. Somehow they did it without the benefit of a hit. Randy Wolf pitched four innings tonight and allowed a run on two hits, walking two and striking out five.

Alex Gonzalez had three hits and one of them was a home run tonight, continuing his hot spring. Corey Hart had two hits in his first major league game of the spring.

The Brewers and Diamondbacks play again tomorrow afternoon.