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Quotes And Audio From Timber Rattlers Media Day

This year for the first time Brew Crew Ball is credentialed to cover Wisconsin Timber Rattlers games at Time Warner Cable Field at Fox Cities Stadium, and as part of that we were invited to attend Media Day yesterday. Here are some of the highlights:

Second year Wisconsin manager Matt Erickson, on if having ten players back from 2011 might help his team get off to a good start:

You'd hope so. You're always trying to win games. We're all competitors. We stand in front of the microphones and say we want to develop people but we're all competitors and while we're trying to develop we're also trying to win baseball games.

Hear the full interview (6:33) here.

Here's pitcher and 2011 seventh round pick David Goforth on his arsenal:

I'd like to think I'm kind of a power pitcher. Obviously my fastball is my best pitch. In years past I've had some issues, I don't know if you'd call them issues, but command problems I guess. So I've been working on that during spring training, during the offseason working on really locating my fastball. I have a cutter as well and a breaking ball. Like I said, I'm more of a power pitcher and I like to go right after it and attack hitters.

Hear the full interview (4:34) here.

Follow the jump for seven more interviews!

Pitcher and 2011 third round pick Drew Gagnon, the highest drafted member of this team, on getting ready to pitch in Appleton in April:

The only things we've really discussed is clothing to wear, long compression shorts and jackets and all that stuff. All that stuff's on it's way so I don't really have that right now.

Hear the full interview (2:13) here.

Pitcher and 2010 5th round pick Matt Miller on what he learned during his first full professional season in 2011:

It's different. From day one you've got to listen to your body every single day because you're never going to be 100% regardless. When you wake up you've always got those aches and pains but you've gotta strap it on and get out there every single day with whatever you have that individual day. Especially for starters. Relievers and position players probably have it the worst.

Hear the full interview (2:35) here.

Catcher and 2010 10th round pick Rafael Neda on catching some big name pitchers in major league games this spring:

You just try to learn from them. You don't really tell them anything, you just learn from what they like to do on the mound and what they like to do in the bullpen. You just try to learn some of that information, and it really felt like I learned some of those things from the big league guys and now I'd like to put those things into my game this season.

Hear the full interview (1:17) here.

Returning Timber Rattler 1B/OF Jason Rogers on being able to play multiple positions:

It's probably better for me to be a versatile guy, it helps with my value as I get older an go throughout the system. But I'll do what's best for the team.

Hear the full interview (1:48) here.

Outfielder and 2011 23rd round pick Ben McMahan on making the move from catcher into the outfield:

They tell me that that's where I'm going to play so I've kind of gone into it thinking that's where I'm going to be. I've gotten pretty comfortable out there since I started in Helena and then went to instructs (instructional league in Arizona) and during spring training. I got a lot more comfortable than I was at the beginning but I'm just going to go into it thinking I'm going to be an outfielder and just go from there.

Hear the full interview (1:40) here.

Third year pro John Dishon on getting on base and his career .370 OBP:

It's definitely a big part of my game. I'll show occasional power but my job is to get on base, steal bases, and let other guys hit me in. Let the big guys they've paid a lot of money to...I just like to run, so that's what I'll do. Get on base and get them the RBI's.

Hear the full interview (1:42) here.

Shortstop and Baseball America #15 prospect Yadiel Rivera on what he's done to prepare for the 2012 season:

A lot of things. I've been working in spring training on my hitting stance and on my defense with our infield trainer.

Hear the full interview (1:24) here.