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Twitter Dinner Transcript: April 3, 2012

Zack Greinke was the topic of roughly half of yesterday's Twitter questions.
Zack Greinke was the topic of roughly half of yesterday's Twitter questions.

Last night I was bored and having dinner by myself, so I moved the occasionally-successful "Twitter Lunch" concept to dinner. The premise, if this is your first time, is pretty simple: You ask me Brewer questions on Twitter while I eat, and I answer all the questions that come in before I'm done. Here are this week's answers:

@vanceorlovsky: Will Hart bat lead off again this year?

BCB: Sounds like the answer is no. I know he doesn't like batting fifth, but to start the season he'll have to deal with it.

@vanceorlovsky (following up): So who bats cleanup?

BCB: Aramis Ramirez. He and Braun are the only guys locked into a spot.

@atmeiller: Who do you think Corey Hart was talking about when he said the team lost a lot of negativity in the clubhouse this offseason?

BCB: Common perception seems to be Prince, but I wouldn't be shocked if it was McGehee or maybe LaTroy Hawkins.

@wscaddie56: how much do you think the brewers can afford to spend on grienke per year? chances we are able to resign him at any point?

BCB: I think they can afford him, it's just a matter of what they'll have to give up/risk to do so. I'd lay odds around 40%.

@fevankeyzi: Gut feeling on if a Greinke extension happens, given the agent hiring and Cain extension?

BCB: I still think there's a chance, maybe around 40%.

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@ballacksrise: Will Corey Hart be productive out of the gates or will he still be behind everyone else?

BCB: I worry he's been rushed back and will start slow. Maybe not as bad as last year, but still slow.

@Findthedog: who's gonna win the sausage race on Friday???

BCB: Chorizo!

@jhein23: Not including injuries, do you see any chance Logan Schafer is starting in CF by the end of this season?

BCB: Even with injuries, no. He's behind Morgan, Gomez and Aoki on the depth chart.

@atmeiller: What are your thoughts on Steve Berthiaume saying the Brewers don't have a top 10 rotation?

BCB: I can see someone being very pessimistic about Wolf, Narveson or Marcum individually. But not all three at the same time.

@ballacksrise: Do you believe Aoki will get enough AB this year to remain productive and be able to show off what he can do?

BCB: I think he's earned a start a week and "first bat off the bench" duties, but that's probably only 8-9 PA/week. So no.

@mantheybrewcrew: key to another central crown is what???? GO

BCB: Health. Last year's team was really fortunate to face no major issues. If that happens again they're in great shape.

@Peak_Chiro_FC: Best Opening Day tailgate foods?

BCB: I like brats or really any sausage for tailgating. Simple to cook, self contained and delicious.

@jhein23: with Uecker getting statue this summer is this it for now, or will Paul Molitor get 1 in the near future?

BCB: I can't believe Molitor doesn't have a statue, but since he doesn't by now I'd say there's a good chance he never will.

@RJA206: ETA on Hunter Morris?

BCB: I'm not sold on Morris and his career .303 OBP at first base. Needs a big year in Huntsville for me to consider him a prospect.

@JRayMulder: Who will fill in if any starting pitchers go down?

BCB: Marco Estrada first, probably followed by Wily Peralta and then Mike Fiers.

@chaneysystems: greinke extension: do you think its happening or no?

BCB: I'll go 40% it happens before free agency. If he hits free agency the Brewers still have a fair chance to keep him.

@brewerpride06: What is Greinke worth? How many years?

BCB: Maybe slightly less than Cain. 5/$100-105mm with an option for a huge sixth year.

@brewerpride06 (following up):Will the Brewers do that? That would have to impact any signings going forward. No more Marcum?

BCB: I think they can, but as you note they'd have to let Marcum walk. Might not be a terrible decision to do that anyway.

@Findthedog: whos this years mark kotsay lol

BCB: Cesar Izturis. Every PA he gets this year is going to be another one he shouldn't get. And he bats switch, so it'll happen.

@Drspindoctor: Which pitcher do you think will hit the best this season?

BCB: Gallardo is a safe bet here.

@Enrico_Palazzo_: who wil be the #1 hitting prospect this time next year?

BCB: If he continues to rise at this rate, Scooter Gennett might be in a class by himself before June.