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Cardinals 11, Brewers 5: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin.

On Yovani Gallardo:

Well, I don't know why he was out of sync but sometimes he gets into his delivery and his rhythm isn't there and he throws...he doesn't throw too many pitches where he wants to. You saw it off and on in spring training, where he would have it for an inning and then lose it and get it back. We saw a couple of games where he didn't have it for the first couple of innings, and he'd get it back and throw real well. But he didn't have any innings where he really was on.

On the offense today:

Yeah, I don't know...if they score that many runs off us I don't know if it matters that much. Yeah, we depend on those guys to swing the bat and they will. It's hard to believe but it's a little tough out there to see, and for them to score eleven runs when it's hard to see, that's pretty good offense.

Radar had Gallardo's fastball at 90-91 on the home runs. Is that an issue?

Yeah, that's a little low for him. Same thing, when he doesn't have that rhythm the ball doesn't come out well, doesn't have life on it. And then you miss spots and you start guiding the ball a little more because you want to throw strikes. So I saw some 92's up there but Yo is usually more than that.

Any thoughts on why Gallardo seems to struggle against the Cardinals?

History sometimes...guys just don't do well against certain clubs and sometimes you may be bad against them for a few years and you turn things around and it's just the opposite. So I don't know if it's the personnel they have, or if it's Yo just not locking in on what he's doing against them.

Tough to lose this way on Opening Day?

Yeah, it's hard when you work this hard to get to this point on Opening Day and you have a game like this. I don't know...last year, I don't know if it's easier to lose a heartbreaker like last year (when John Axford blew a save against the Reds) or one where you're never really in the game. Both bad ways to lose and this was a bad game.

On Jaime Garcia:

First inning we came out swinging the bat well, we got a couple of runs and I felt real good about it. He started changing pitches real well, and velocities. He throws a nice little cutter and a two-seamer which doesn't allow you to sit on that fastball and expect it to be in the zone you want it to. But a good changeup, and started spotting the fastball better.

Did it change the momentum in the game when they couldn't score in the fifth?

Right. We're already down runs, we felt like we needed to try to get something going there. And we get a strikeout and we get Luc (Jonathan Lucroy) running into the fielder and when you have chances, you need to score those runs. We didn't have a lot of chances today but we still could have chipped away a little better and hopefully our relief pitching holds them better than they did and we have a chance to catch up. It's a little late by the time we get to the ninth inning and all of a sudden we bust out and score some runs.

On the ovation Ryan Braun received in the first inning:

That's what I expected it to be. People like him here and there's a reason they like him. He's a classy guy, he's a great ballplayer, he goes out of his way to sign autographs, he goes out of his way for the community so I understand why they feel the way they do about him.