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Brewers 7, Cubs 5: Ron Roenicke Post-Game Comments

Didn't hear the question...

I think we're going to have to do a lot of thing. To sit back and bash the ball and try to win games...I know some teams do it, but I don't know if we can consitently do that. You know I've talkd to the guys - we'll hit the home runs. I've talk to the guys about gettingon base and hitting some two and three run homers. But our pitching - I think our pitching is going to be great all year. I think our bullpen is going to be really good all year. Sometimes you hate to bring ax in again after he threw all those pitches yesterday when we're up four runs. So - the other guys, I feel confident the other guys are going to get the job done.

could K-Rod close if Ax is tired?

Well we'll look at it, I'll talk to him, he'll go out and play catch tomorrow and see where he is, but yeah, if he's a little worn down, we'll have Frankie do it

Marcum had a high strike ratio and no walks - surprised so sharp this early?

No, I'm not surprised because this is what he did for us last year. He doesn't walk people when he's on. He doesn't walk people. He uses his pitches real efficiently. He gets some easy outs on first and second pitches which most of our guys don't do as well as he does. But he understands - he understands when to change speeds, he understands how to make his ball move both ways on the plate and it makes it very difficult for a team to stay on him and to be able to string together a lot of hits.

Nice to see Aramis have a good night?

Yeah, it was good for Ramy - I know he's fired up. I know the adrenaline is a little different when you come back home and it was nice to see him drive that ball into left center. I tried to get him to relax a little bit and play his game.

Do guys get uptight when they return to their old team?

Fans at Wrigley getting on Nyjer Morgan?

Here? It'll be like that here. I don't think it'll be that way around the league. This crowd is always on him. Last year they were on him the same. He came into town, they were on him. That's part of being a great player.

Verifies that both squeezes were called from the dugout

Did you think about a third squeeze when Lucroy was up?

You think about them all the time. Luc had come up and got a sac fly the time before - so its just a feel of the game. Sometimes you like the players to swing and sometimes you force one in.